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Hidden Dangers of Chemical Mosquito Control

While mosquitos are an annoying species, most mosquito control methods do far more harm than good to people, pets, and outdoor environments. Read our...

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Pet-Friendly Mulches That Are Dog-Safe

Kid-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Landscape Mulches Learn about potential risks certain landscaping mulch products present to pets and people. Discover how to find pet-friendly mulches, and...

How to Use Mulch and Pine Straw for Landscaping

Get information to help you decide whether you need pine straw or colored mulch for your HOA, residential landscaping, commercial property needs. Learn about...
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Fall Flowers for Planting in Atlanta GA

Fall Flowers to Plant in Georgia

What are the best fall flowers to plant in Georgia? Read this article to learn more about annuals, perennials, and flowering plants that thrive in the planting zones for Georgia.

Top 10 Flowers in Atlanta Area Landscaping

When it comes to planting flowers in your outdoor space, the choices are seemingly limitless. You'll want to consider what will thrive in Georgia,...
Flower beds prepped and ready for spring planting of annuals and dressed with pine straw or colored mulch.

Best Turf Grasses for Georgia Lawns

Which kind of grass is best for Georgia lawns? Our weather tends to warm up early in the year and warm weather can last...

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