What’s That Flower? Or is it a Weed? 5 Great Plant Identifier Apps

Have you seen a flower at someone else's house that's so pretty you want to add it to your own garden? Have you found...

Planting a Butterfly Garden in Georgia

Creating a butterfly garden very fulfilling. In addition to butterflies, you might find yourself seeing more birds as well. The last, optional part of a butterfly garden is a bench where you can relax and enjoy these beautiful creatures fluttering by.
Well fertilized residential lawn

Understanding Lawn Fertilizers and Application

How to Fertilize Your Grass for the Perfect Lawn Fertilizers and a proper watering schedule are the fundamental parts for developing and maintaining a great...
Flower beds prepped and ready for spring planting of annuals and dressed with pine straw or colored mulch.

Best Turf Grasses for Georgia Lawns

Which kind of grass is best for Georgia lawns? Our weather tends to warm up early in the year and warm weather can last...

Top 10 Flowers in Atlanta Area Landscaping

When it comes to planting flowers in your outdoor space, the choices are seemingly limitless. You'll want to consider what will thrive in Georgia,...

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