What’s That Flower? Or is it a Weed? 5 Great Plant Identifier Apps

Have you seen a flower at someone else's house that's so pretty you want to add it to your own garden? Have you found...

Planting a Butterfly Garden in Georgia

Creating a butterfly garden very fulfilling. In addition to butterflies, you might find yourself seeing more birds as well. The last, optional part of a butterfly garden is a bench where you can relax and enjoy these beautiful creatures fluttering by.

Top 10 Flowers in Atlanta Area Landscaping

When it comes to planting flowers in your outdoor space, the choices are seemingly limitless. You'll want to consider what will thrive in Georgia,...
Pansies and petunias are ideal annaulas for early spring flower beds.

Types of Bedding Plants Listed by Color

Looking for some inspiration for your garden? We've compiled a list of some bedding plants that will grow well in the Atlanta area (Zone...
Pansies and petunias are ideal annaulas for early spring flower beds.

Spring Flowers and Bedding Plants

The Atlanta Hardiness Zones accommodates a wide variety of popular annuals and bedding plants. Learn about the types of flowers, colorful plants, climbers, potted...

Why Social Media Is A Bad Place for Lawn Care Advice

What's possible in a week? If you dedicated seven days to the achievement of one goal, how ambitious could you make this goal? These...

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