Fence Installation

Adding a fence to your property can provide a certain level of security, privacy, and aesthetic value. It's a near must-do if you have pets. As professional landscapers we can work with you to build a fence that pairs well with your preferences, your home's style and neighborhood.

We offer turnkey fence contractor services to handle your fence project from design and Permit acquisition to construction and total cleanup of the work area.

Seasonal Landscaping Services

Privacy Fences

We can build standard wood privacy fences including common vertical boards, horizontal shadow-box, vetical shadow-box, and more. There are many materials available, each with it's own advantages and disadvantages. If you want privacy with a built-in security element this is a good option for you.

Split-Rail and Country Fences

Larger properties are often idel candidates for roaming splt-rail fences. The final look depends on the type of wood used and whether or not it is painted . Natural wood certainly looks more rustic and country, whereas a painted fence looks upscale like an equestrian center or country estate.

Decorative Fences

There is no end to the number of styles for building decorative fences. The combinations of materials and architectural styles is unlimited. From elegant wrought iron or complex wood construction to high block walls with stucco finishes the only restrictions you face are HOA's and local ordinances. Call us to discuss your ideas and learn what we can do to create a fence that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Unique Gates

Many upscale Atlanta homes invest in ornate black wrought iron fencing, gates . Aside from the impressive elegance of such a gated entrance, a wrought iron fence is a powerful statement about your position in life. We can provide custom gate designs, acquire Permits and expertly manage your entire fence project. As landscaping professionals we can also repair or upgrade any landscaping elements.

Fencing Inspiration and Ideas

Are you wanting something better but not sure what it is? Are you looking for fence and gate design ideas and photos of this service? Check out these websites and let us know what you think, and learn how we can help you.

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