Flower Beds & Gardens

Flower beds and flower gardens are the most common and popular way to make a property more attractive. Our landscape professionals can introduce you to plants, flowers and colorful bushes that work in our planting zone. We can help you to find the perfect mix to provide the color, style and appeal that you want.

Flower Bed and Garden Construction

Our landscapers can design, build and add flowers anyway you desire. From layouts, adding or enriching soil to planting flowers and adding decorative mulch, we can do it all. Give us a call to discuss your ideas and learn how we can help you to have the yard of your dreams.

Types of Flower Bed Designs

Island Flower Beds

Island flower beds are most often used as part of a landscape design for larger yards. Popular reasons for island flower beds are to minimize lawn area, add visual appeal to an otherwise "pasture style" yard, beautify areas around trees, and provide certain levels of privacy.

Foundation Flower Beds

Foundation planting refers to bushes, plants and flowers along the perimeter of your home. The best foundation planting designs utilize a layered look with taller bushes as a backdrop with shorter, blooming plants in the front. When you stagger and mix plants and flowers you get an intersting look that can highlight certain features and conceal lawn care items like hoses.

Perimeter Flower Beds

Perimeter flower beds generally refers to flower beds at outer edges like fence lines, curbs and sidewalk areas. Perimeter planting can define boundaries or your property or visually separate areas. Perimeter planting can also enhance areas around tennis courts, pool houses, detatched garages, etc.

Garden Settings for Moods

Gardens with winding paths, subdued lighting and fragrant flowers create near magical settings. whether you want a romantic garden setting, a place for nicer outdoor dining, or a place to disappear and relax, you can have it. Let us know what kind of space you want to create and we'll do the rest.

Flower Bed & Garden Inspiration

Looking for inspiration or ideas to add dynamic flair and color to your yard? Check out these sites for amazing flower gardens in the United States. See photos to get ideas for creating an exceptional yard.

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