Irrigation & Drainage Systems

Lawn Sprinkler System Installation

We provide expert lawn irrigation and water flow management systems for any size residential yard or commercial property. Whether it's lawn sprinklers to water your grass or drains to handle excess runoff water we can help you. We use name brand products such as RainBird, Hunter, and NDS.

Irrigation Systems

We design and install cost-effective irrigation systems. We carefully plan the overall coverage of each sprinkler head to fully cover your lawn without wasting water. We install top brand components for a long-term reliable system from your yard to the control panel. We will even take time to explain to you how to activate, program and manage your irrigation system.

5 Things You Should Know About Our Sprinkler Systems

  • 1. Plumbing Integrity is assured because we use a licensed plumber to connect to your existing water line. This assures you of the best possible workmanship , and prevents future expensive problems from shoddy work.
  • 2. Water Pressure is controlled by regulators we install. Regulators assure maximum performance of sprinkler heads, and avoid damage from excessive pressure.
  • 3. Control System is a low-voltage control panel which saves energy and gives you flexibility in scheduling start and stop times for your system. we use only top brands such as RainBird and Hunter.
  • 4. Rain Sensors can be installed to override your control panel in the event of rain. This is a logical and money-saving feature that is not offered by every irrigation company.
  • 5. System Winterizing is available from our irrigation specialists. We can shut off the primary valve and purge water from the lines. This prevents damage to lines or valves from winter freezes.

Drainage Systems

Our first step in providing an effective water flow management system is to gain an understanding of the problem (pooling, runoff, areas that stay wet, etc.). Our drainage experts can look at the contour of your property, consider soil types, shade, and other factors to begin creating a solution. We will work to find the most cost-effective, long-term solution for your situation. Common solutions are grading to create a slope of ravine away from the affected area, install a trench drain, or fill-in low spots.

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