Landscape Design Services

We offer professional landscape design services for homes and commercial properties. Whether it's a low-maintenance Xeriscape, or a lush backyard oasis we can create a landscape plan that fits your needs. We can work with most any budget for a backyard landscape design, front yard landscape design, total yard landscaping or island landscaping for businesses.

Master Landscape Plan

A master landscape plan is a formal way to transform thoughts and ideas into a tangible form. A landscape plan can range from a simple sketch to a very detailed drawing done by a landscape architect. Unless you have a very large estate you probbaly do not need to hire a landscape architect.

Why develop a landscape design drawing? Whether informal or formal, a landscape design helps the homeowner to visualize the design. This is especially helpful if the project is to be done in phases. From the design plan, we can prepare a list of hardscaping materials and softscape elements including cost estimates and construction timeframes.

Hardscape Design

Hardscape refers to landscape construction elements such walkways, patios, driveways, retaining walls. Hardscaping elements are typically made using wood, stone, block, brick, concrete etc.

Softscape Design

Softscape refers to the living elements of a landscapesuch as flowers, bushes, plants, shrubs, vines, and trees. The term "softscape" has come into common use from use on home improvement and gardening television shows. Softscape elements add definition to the overall landscape design which reflects the tastes and style of the homeowner.

Accents and Upgrades

Most homeowners are content with having a basic lawn with a few bushes and flower beds. Homeowners who want to live in a nicer environment take the time and effort to really develop a unique and exciting look. This is achieved by adding dramatic features, seasonal color, shade and other highly desireable charachteristics. Yes, there is an infinite number of possibilities for residential landscape design some of the most popular Atlanta are landscape upgrades and improvements include:

Landscape Accents

Outdoor Lighting which can add colorful accents, dramatic uplighting on trees, romantic walkway lighting while including home lighting for safety and security enhancements.

Landscape Upgrades

Landscape Structures such as arbors, gazebos, pergolas, wood decks, fire pits, decorative fences, and wrought iron gates.

Water Features range from dramatic fountains to babbling streams, and relaxing Koi ponds to fun features such as swimming pools and built-in hot tubs.

We can build most any type of structure or feature you desire.

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