Landscape Lighting Design

Residential Outdoor Lighting

Adding exterior lights will improve your homes appearance, safety and ambience. We are a great local source for the design and installation of outdoor lighting systems. We use top outdoor lighting brands, including low voltage LED lighting systems, Kichler Landscape Lighting, Volt Lighting, and Unique Lighting Systems. We can install most any exterior lights that you want.

Outdoor Accent Lighting

Our landscape lighting experts can install low-voltage pathway lights, stairs lighting, path accent lights, festive strip lights and other types of home exterior lighting systems.

Outdoor accent lights, such as uplighting on trees, adds a very stylish and dramatic flair to your landscaping. Whatever beauty your landscape might lose when day turns into night is gained in a new and exciting way with accent lighting.

Depending on light output and placement, accent lighting can improve the safety of walking on stairs, walkway step-ups, and uneven walking surfaces.

Security Lighting

As part of your landscaping project we can add security and utility lighting. Ask us about motion-activated flood lights or spotlights, sodium or mercury vapor area lighting and other types of home security lighting. Security lighting also improves the ability of home surveillance cameras to capture clear images and extend the practical range of view. into otherwise dark spaces.

Outdoor Lighting Inspiration

Looking for inspiration and great ideas for your outdoor lighting project? Below are links to photos of some of the best landscape lighting images across the United States.

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