Outdoor Fire Pits

Fire pits add an aesthetic touch to a sophisticated landscape plan. Fire pits also upgrade a common backyard landscape design to be a social setting. From wood burning fire pits to gas fueld fire pis, we can build what you have in mind. We also design and build related features including outdoor fireplaces, custom patios, and walkways.

Fire Pits

Fire Pit Design

Fire pit designs and shapes include the typical round shape but can be square, rectangular, or even built with a "walled side" for a special effect. The shape and style of your firepit can be most anything you want it to be.

Metal fire pits are relatively inexpensive and a homeowner can buy these at a local home improvement store or online. Almost every metal fire pit product is made from cheap metal, which is poorly finished, and will rust-out in 1-2 years. We've worked with many customers who effectively wasted money buying metal fire pits every few years instead of investing in a quality fire pit.

The size of your fire pit is entirely up to you. A typical fire pit height is 18"-24" above ground level. The width, or diameter, of a fire pit is often 48"-72". It's worth considering that the amount of flame it takes for a full effect translates into how much fuel you consume. While a large fire pit may be more impressive or dramatic, the operating costs will be much higher than a smaller version.

Fire Pit Construction

Fire pit designs all begin by creating a relatively shallow pit, and then building it upward with firebricks with a fire-proof grout. The exterior face of the fire pit walls can be covered with decorative stone, rock or brick. The best fire pit construction uses products specially designed for high-heat construction. Although not mandatory, high-heat products provide greater safety and longevity for your firepit. If you're curious, take a few minutes to learn the difference between fire brick and regular brick.

Outdoor Fire Pit Design Inspiration

Want to see some of the best outdoor fire pit designs in the USA? If you're looking for inspiration or ideas, below we've listed few site you may want to visit. Take some time to find styles you like and give us a call. We will visit with you to discuss your thoughts, how to make it work for your yard, and answer any questions you may have.

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