Lawn Weed Control Services

We offer weed control services to control weeds and improve the appearance of Atlanta lawns. Our weed control programs include applications to remove weeds and nurture your grass. Our fertilization and weed control treatments address the overall health of your lawn. From killing weeds to keeping your grass thick, green and healthy. Our weed control applications serve as pre-emergents and to eliminate any existing weeds in your lawn.

We provide human and pet-friendly weed control services!

Top 10 Types of Lawn Weeds In Georgia

The full list of potential weeds that invade Atlanta lawns is very long. The following list shows the top 10 most common lawn weed control services for Atlanta lawns.

Weed Control Inspections

As lawn maintenance and weed control specialists we stress the importance of doing a weed inspection before we start your service. RWe don't just add you to a list of yards to spray with weed control. We take time to identify the types of weeds that you have and make certain we are applying the correct type on weed control products. This matters most because some lawn weeds, such as wild violets, are very difficult to eradicate. For these weed problems we may need to undertake a specialized weed control product.

Weed Control Services

The best approach to having a great looking lawn is to make weed control a regular part of lawn maintenance services. If you self-maintain your lawn we can provide only monthly or seasonal weed control services. We invite you to call us to discuss weed control services for your property.

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